Interest Groups and Independent Programs
Wednesday 7-8pm GOL-2740

The WiCyS RIT Student Chapter is an all-inclusive interest program within RITSEC dedicated to making RIT’s Computing Security program more equitable. The chapter holds meetings and social events for students to come together and share their passion for security while creating a supportive network.
Team Contagion
Tuesday 6:30-7:30pm GOL-2780

Contagion represents RITSEC in a variety of Capture the Flag (CTF) competitions. We compete at different ranges of difficulty and on both the national and international levels. Everyone is welcome to join at any skill level as we provide weekly educational presentations and demos.
Red Team Recruiting
Thursday 7-9pm GOL-2750

Red Team is the hub for all things red teaming at RIT. We develop robust red team tools, infrastructure, and implants to play the role of an effective adversary in a red vs blue competition setting. We research and implement the latest techniques to pull networks apart and build them back better. As an RITSEC interest program we focus on developing offensive security skills, working as a team, and having fun!
Tuesday 7:30-9pm GOL-2780

At RVAPT, we learn how to find and exploit vulnerabilities in networks and associated services by hands on custom labs. Each week we learn one to two ways to break in into a network and keep building up on it through out the semester.
Wireless IG
Wednesday 6-7pm GOL-2780

The Wireless Interest Group (aka Wiggles) focuses on all thing wireless. We focus more on cybersecurity related topics in wireless but we also go outside of this realm covering all things wireless and RF. Anyone interested in the topic or learning more is welcome to join!
Operations IG
Monday 6:30-7:30pm GOL-2455

The operations interest group focuses on various topics related to RITSEC's infrastructure. These topics could be related to hardware, virtualization, networking, automation, cloud computing, and server management. During our meeting time, we will cover a wide variety of these topics. Lastly, the OPS IG will be a pipeline to the OPS Program.
Incident Response IG
Thursday 1-2pm GOL-2740

The Incident Response Interest group is focused on all things Incident Response. We specifically target incident response in a corporate environment but cover technical and non technical aspects of Incident Response. During meetings I talk and give a presentation in the beginning then after the fact we go through activities to practice IR skills.
Reversing IG
Thursday 6-7pm GOL-2780

The Reversing Interest Group revolves around the in-depth knowledge of binary applications and ultimately reversing malware. Topics such as assembly, executable formats, malware tactics, and much more will be discussed over the entire program's running. All are welcome from first years on no matter the knowledge level.
Physical Security
Tuesday 2-3pm GOL-2750

In Physical Security Interest group you will learn all the basics of the world outside of the computer. You will learn to pick locks, alternative entry methods and many other things that computing security experts don't tend to think of when they are securing a system. Any level is welcome to come learn!